This Instagram account reveals shocking pictures of what some passengers do in the air

By on September 7, 2015 | Spotlight

Social media has become a perfect tool for us to share our experiences. We don’t shy away from openly criticising brands if we ever have a bad experience. Browsing through the social media accounts of Airlines, you will find numerous posts of people venting about their experiences. We don’t see a very pretty picture of the Airline staff and feel that usually they don’t do their job. But do they ever get to tell their side of the story?

Lately, a hashtag called ‘#passengershaming’ has become the crew’s voice on social media platforms. Through this hashtag, they have presented the nasty side of their occupation. Innumerable photos, taken in real time, display the shameless passengers one can face while on board.

On Facebook, there is a ‘Passenger Shaming page’ which shows passengers and their weird behaviour on the flight. The page has got more than 360k fans. On Twitter too, there are thousands of tweets that reflect the popularity of this topic. Instagram is also one of the favourites with about 311k fans.

To show you a perfect glimpse of the world we are talking about, here are some photos shared over the Instagram account.

These people took the phrase ‘DOWN TO EARTH’ quite literally! ….Ah well, DOWN ON AIR 😉

Just ‘FEEL AT HOME’… even while being on board 😉

Watch the story of this passenger ‘On The Rise’


Hairfall! Just this time….Deliberately

This guy has a different meaning for the phrase ‘Shooooe Away’

Why not just wash it at home?

This guy just decided to “Boot” the instructions away

Coke or Alcohol? Neither

The inappropriate behaviour of the passengers not only causes discomfort to the cabin crew, but to their fellow passengers as well. Although only few passengers cause this indecency, it is the crew that has to finally handle the gross situation. The ‘#passengershaming’ hashtag certainly is an eye-opener for many people that you cannot take things for granted!

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the common hashtags around the same topic are: #crewlife, #passengershaming & #bringingbacktheglamor. Passenger Shaming started in January 2013 and is the brainchild of a former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen. You can find an independent website around it at

(Featured image: Image by passengershaming)


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