#SoMeT15US Tweets that grabbed our attention

By on October 16, 2015 | Events , Spotlight

#SoMeT15US, organized by Destination Think, was held on October 14th and 15th at Harrah’s Theatre, New Orleans. The objective of this business conference was to assist different destinations & brands become stronger on social media and thereby add more value to the digital industry. To know more details about this particular conference, you can go through its webpage.

Here are some interesting tweets that emerged from #SoMeT15US:

#1. The essence of Marketing

Our Take: Frank’s tweet points out a basic but relevant point ignored by marketers frequently. At times products and services offered to the customers do not meet their needs or demands. Understanding the pulse, the minds of the people and emotional needs of potential customers is really important. Marketing, as a practice, needs to be flexible. Just as too many cooks might spoil the broth, complicating the process of marketing unnecessarily does not work well.

#2. The power of visuals

Our Take: A picture is worth a million words and the same is true for social media. We take less time to process images as compared to text and that is why images get more engagement as compared to text. Using more graphics and photographs will drive up the engagement for your brand account. Adding people to photos works even better as compared to photos that don’t include real people.

#3. Intuitive Blog-posts- Your SEO Goldmine

Our Take: Professional blogs of companies are either not updated frequently or totally neglected. Various studies have suggested that blogs can drive close to 50 percent more traffic on the website of a business. This underscores the importance and value of corporate blogs. SEO plays a significant role in the online world and blogs can play an important role in increasing visibility on search engines.

#4. Social Media is just inevitable

Our Take: Nowadays it is hard to find people who don’t use social media. Even the baby boomers are actively using platforms like Facebook to share stories and find content that interests them. People don’t just look up for brands on Google anymore. They search for Facebook page or Twitter handles as well and that is why it is important to have strong social media presence.

#5. Reputation = Return on Investment

Our Take: Sean precisely summed up the use of social media for marketing. Brands often try to measure social media ROI in terms of sales or leads but that is a debatable approach. While social media can drive sales as well, it should primarily be used to build an image for the brand and give it a character with the right messaging. For travel brands, social media can be used to inspire a traveller to take a journey rather than selling a destination package.

Did you come across any interesting tweets around #SoMeT15US? Do share them with us.


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