Can Twitter’s new features lure travel marketers? Here’s how they could possibly

By on July 5, 2016 | Spotlight

Twitter seems to have a long-long phase of an existential crisis. In this attempt of getting itself together, it’s on a huge spree to roll out n-number of features and tools. Last quarter saw a considerable number of features getting out of the conveyor belt, but leading to what? Its stakes took a downfall then. Their user database is still at a standstill and it feels dreadful. Losses? Check. Despite the corporate restructure, it lacks that confidence. However, these features seem like a desperate measure to lure influencers and marketers to take these tools for a spin. Let’s have a look at how these features could prove value to the travel brands, travel bloggers, and SMEs in the travel industry.

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Dashboard as a stand-alone SME app

Dashboard was launched last week proclaiming a more friendly approach to hog followers and manage small scale businesses. This tool is a friendlier and simpler replica of its other more complicated cousins. The new service, available on both web and mobile, is aimed at businesses that want to use Twitter to connect with their customers. The key feature of dashboard would be the ability of the user to monitor Twitter posts that go beyond their mere mention and dive into hashtags. That ways the SMEs and medium level travel agents could get to know what all is being talked about and can keep a track of their mentions.

Engage as an influencer app

Engage does more complicated stuff. It’s all about data, data implications, data analysis and of course followers. This app would facilitate celebrities and big brands to engage their followers and indicate real time data, allowing brands to grow quickly and understand their audiences. Hospitality chains could create more thriving conversations around what’s rolling in to retain their loyal customer base. The app creates an outline which can provide easy statistics visibility for the brands by accessing demographics. Hotels could carry out conversations to handle customer service well by not missing a single mention.

The Sticker hashtag

Travel bloggers can make most out of this feature. It would help them to add creativity to the content. Why is this such a unique take on sharing images? Well, that’s because it lets the user search all relevant content with respect to a particular sticker. Travel bloggers would be able to create a buzz around their content by promoting a particular sticker. This would populate the newsfeed of the users when they search for that specific sticker.

Location feeds backed by Foursquare

This Twitter feature is peculiarly interesting as it enabled location tagging. This would enable the users to tag locations in a particular tweet which will be visible in the Twitter timeline. The location feed would open with a map up top. The travel marketers could potentially promote their content as the users would be able to see tabs and tweets in the form of dedicated media.

Twitter videos

Twitter decided to extend the video viewing time to 140 seconds and Vines include a Watch More button which opens a 140-second clip. This feature would come as a boon to the marketers as the video uploaded may not be necessarily made for Twitter’s platform. Showing more, longer videos could seduce more mainstream users inclined to sit back and watch instead of laboriously reading through reams of text tweets.

These features could be taken as a desperate attempt to retain their customer base and travel marketers could leverage theirs as well.


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