9 Tweets from Phocuswright Conference that sum up the state of travel industry

By on November 21, 2015 | Events , Spotlight

The travel industry is changing and it is changing at a very fast pace. Industry events like Phocuswright conference help us update ourselves with the changing picture. Many industry experts shared their learnings and predicted the trends during the recently concluded Phocuswright 2015.


(Image: By Phocuswright/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

We picked up 9 tweets shared during the event that point in the direction global travel industry is headed:

#1. Decode activities

Many businesses have entered the space and are running successfully but there is still lot of room to improve. There are still no travel brands that offer a one stop solution to everything.

#2. The Chinese love options

The fact that a large fraction of Chinese ecommerce business is driven by marketplaces indicates that the Chinese people like to compare their options before they buy.

#3. Simplicity goes a long way

Using machine intelligence to simplify the buying process goes a long way in increasing conversions in the highly competitive online travel industry.

#4. China holds opportunities

Despite being one of the fastest growing travel markets, a large part of Chinese travellers are still booking offline. Clear sign that there is lot of room for growth of new travel startups in the region.

#5. Leverage technology

With the industry shifting fast from offline to online, it is very important for businesses to leverage technology to deliver transport solutions in order to grow.

#6. Big data boosts conversions

Data mining techniques can help brands offer well tailored results to the customers. This helps increase the conversion rate and reduce efforts for the customer.

#7. Apps sell to the Chinese

Chinese travellers are obsessed with apps and that is why many brands even open up options like WeChat for them. On the other hand, the Japanese prefer to book via mobile web.

#8. No Kayaking

Brands often make bold claims to seek attention but then claiming yourself to be the best is a little subjective. Isn’t it?

#9. No OTAs for Airbnb

While some major OTAs are opening up to the idea of alternative stays, Airbnb doesn’t seem to have this alternate channel in mind.

Any other interesting tweets from Phocuswright that caught your attention? Do share them with us.


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