WIT 2015 Singapore to return with the Reboot Theme

By on September 24, 2015 | Events

Last year, WIT conference witnessed the theme of “Little Big 10”, which marked the end of one cycle. This year the most talked travel event is coming back with the theme called “Reboot”. Starting from 19th October, WIT 2015 Singapore will end on 21st of October, the event is held to redefine the characters in travel, explore new opportunities in the industry and challenge thinking on the elements that makes the travel more exciting.

The conference includes WIT Bootcamp on 19th October and the main conference will be held on 20th and 21st October. Entering into the 11th year, the WIT conference will address major questions of how we should restart and discard old thought to renew ideas to win customers.


The conference will bring together top travel experts from travel industry to speak on how to provoke and reboot travel thinking.

WIT Bootcamp- What to look forward for?

The WIT Bootcamp that will be held before the main conference, is the meet & match for start-ups, innovators and investors in the travel industry.  This event will focus on what’s new and hot in the industry shared by like-minded travel professionals.  The event will also be spearheaded by travel entrepreneurs from around the world who will share their success stories and mistakes to build the business.

What will it feature?

  • It will feature WIT Start-Up Pitch, in which few selected young entrepreneurs will pitch their business ideas each to the panel of investors and coaches.
  • Finalists from this event, will pitch ideas live at the Grand Finale which will be held on 21st October

The Reboot Theme will examine:

  • Before Reboot & After Reboot: Which old ideas should be discarded, which new ideas should to be taken forward?
  • Monsters, Copycats and Start- Ups: Who will win and what it takes to win?
  • Might Over Smart: As big companies are getting bigger, will there be a room for start-ups?
  • The Flip Side: Meeting with the characters we seldom see and to see who are the integral part of our universe
  • Winning & Keeping Customers: More than one way to land that prize, and what is the best way?
  • The Power of Now: Who will win in the age of instant decision?
  • The Next Frontier: Where can one find new opportunities? At Restaurants? In-Destination? Local Transport or Space?
  • Personalisation: How will you walk on the thin line between being a friend and nuisance?
  • Travel Status: Has technology killed travel star?

Event Programme:

The WIT Bootcamp which will be held on 19th October, 2015 will take place at Phoenix 2, Level 6, Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore. You can view the entire schedule of the event here.

The WIT Conference which will be held on 20th & 21st October, 2015 and will take place at Heliconia Ballroom, Level 3, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. You can view the entire schedule of the event here.


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