This is how 360 video format is changing the way Destination Marketers campaign

By on April 22, 2016 | Campaigns

Virtual reality has been there for a while now. Travel space is reaping huge benefits from the new possibilities it has to offer. Enhanced guest experience is what primarily everybody is focusing in the traveller’s lifeline. 360 videos are doing a lot of round in travel space. How the power of these videos can be used to deliver information phenomenally is still under construction, but the marketers are gearing up to experiment now. Destination marketers are not far behind in the race. There have been visible instances that destinations were and are leveraging 360VR videos to their maximum benefit. Let’s take a look at them.


Tourism Australia did a really nice coverage on its Northern Territory area. The video takes the viewer to an expansive Katherine Gorge and its surrounding areas. This being a recent initiative, Tourism Australia along with Qantas has also covered Hamilton Island’s breathtaking 360 footage.

British Columbia

British Columbia did a marvelous shot back in the autumn of 2015. The video Wild Within takes the viewer into the wild corners of the country giving them a raw experience of nature.

Las Vegas

Vegas has always something interesting and insightful to show. The marketers have paired a couple of videos around the place about certain attractions that are depicted so well in the 360 video format. The shots are lit up with the grandeur of the place. One can only see it,to believe it.


The Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) came up with an amazing campaign in 360 videos format to capture the spirit of FIFA World Cup in 12 hosting cities. The campaign Brasil360 was highly impulsive and drew a lot of travellers to experience the first-hand experience of what they saw virtually.

South Africa

South Africa Tourism Board came up with a 360 video format initiative and created a wholesome experience. The South Africa Tourism UK posed this campaign on their Facebook page. It was immersed in reality and the experience was breathtaking.

With 360 videos making a lot of buzz, content marketing might shoot up the roof with new trends. Let’s hope to catch them soon.



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