Hong Kong’s “I never knew” campaign is a milestone in Influencer Marketing

By on April 5, 2016 | Campaigns

Hong Kong Tourism Board has tied up with the creative agency Razorfish to generate its very first user- generated content (UGC) campaign, #DiscoverHongKong stories based on the influencers and travellers viewpoint while sharing their “I never knew” Hong Kong stories.

This campaign aims at drawing out stories from influencers and travellers to reveal Hong Kong’s potential as hidden attractions and experiences should speak for themselves when narrated by a fellow traveller.


Hong Kong fans can share their stories on social media in one sentence capturing the essence of their trip. That one sentence caption should begin with “I never knew…” along with a picture or a video and the main hashtag #DiscoverHongKong.

Tina Chao, General Manager, Marketing from Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) said,

“Travellers trust other travellers. Holidays are booked off the back of the incredible stories we hear from our family and friends or images we are inspired by on social media. This campaign enables us to tap into this potential and show Hong Kong to the world through the people who have explored the city and uncovered its hidden gems”

HKTB and the media company has enlisted three of the social media stars and encouraged them to share their “I never knew” Hong Kong stories so as to encourage their fans. Each influencer’s trip was sponsored by HKTB where they made videos about their time exploring the city’s culture, nightlife, gastronomic scene, family adventures and more.

fung bros

These stars are mostly active on YouTube or Facebook. They are The Fung Bros, Rima Zeidan, and EvanTubeHD family vloggers. They all are a part of the Maker Studio talent network. Every video is jam packed with I never knew… inspiration.

See all the influencer videos here.

Neha Dhupia seems to play along well with the Discover Hong Kong campaign as she was recently picked by ZoomTV touring the terrain. Her participation could invite entries from the Indian subcontinent and the campaign can thus pick traction here.

zoom tv


Seton Vermaak, Razorfish Hong Kong’s head of strategy, says

 “The #DiscoverHongKong stories campaign is a mechanism for tourists to discover the endless new experiences our city has to offer. Hong Kong is more than a picture-perfect city; the best experiences lay beyond the obvious and we built this campaign to give those experiences a voice people will listen to.”

The message that Hong Kong is more than just a shopping destination can be embedded by this unique campaign by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The competition starts on 4th April and ends on 28th April. To know more about the contest, visit their website.


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