The #DiscoverOman TVC Case-Study: How not to do Twitter Influencer Marketing

By on September 25, 2017 | Campaigns

If you have been following Twitter, you would have noticed that among the top trends in India, one of the hashtags, #DiscoverOman belonged to popular tourism destination “Oman”.

During the recent months, Jordan and Oman are two destinations in the middle-east that have been actively promoting their countries to Indian tourists. Oman Tourism has launched its first ever Global TVC, which captures the essence of Oman at different levels and showcases diverse aspects of the destination.

In-order to promote the TVC, Twitter influencers were roped into actively promote the hashtag and the new TVC video. While there is nothing wrong with the approach, there was a problem with choice of influencers and the quality of Tweets they made to promote the hashtag.

Messages Image(45359358)

The Content is very obvious and you can easily understand that these twitter users have been paid to promote the TVC.

Messages Image(85236972)

The tweets sounded like ads. How often you would tweet “What this remarkable TVC to join the celebration”.

Messages Image(2653472651)

The fact that so many Twitter users talked about a TVC at the same-time creates enough doubts in your minds.

Messages Image(4019721236)

Lessons for Tourism Boards in Marketing

  • Paid Twitter trends via influencers in India have hit a stagnation phase. While this approach used to be popular few years back, users have become intelligent during these times and can easily spot a different between a paid trend and an organic trend.
  • There’s no problem with paying influencers to promote a TVC – But the choice you have to make is between quality and quantity. What impact does a single day paid twitter trend make? What impact does these tweets make.
  • Instead of choosing bulk twitter influencers, you can choose selective twitter users who have real opinions and craft a different message via them. This approach will give longevity to your message and create a long-term ripple effect.


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