Small hotels to benefit from the free-to-use hospitality technology product suite introduced by eZee

By on June 30, 2016 | News

Hospitality sector has seen a wide range of technologies getting poured in and taken out for a spin. Technology has greatly influenced hotel management operations, overall guest management and booking solutions in the last decade. However, this doesn’t hold true for hotels of all sizes. Software vendors’ apathy small hotels and puts them under big risk. The realisation that their business is at risk would ideally creep soon.


In the lieu to initiate this paradigm shift eZee Technosys launches eZee Ultimate allowing hoteliers across the globe to avail their platform free of cost. eZee Technosys is world’s hospitality solution provider with customers in over 140 countries.

With this robust free solution, the hotels could access cloud PMS, channel manager, web booking engine, cloud restaurant POS (coming soon), hotel website, guest feedback management system and a mobile portal. By getting access to this free technology, hotels can maximise online visibility, create new sales channels, streamline hotel operations, and boost occupancy rate.

Hotels can engage this technology with a small transaction fee for bookings received via Channel Manager and web booking engine capped by a ceiling limit equivalent to the cost of a subscription.  Moreover, at times smaller hotels don’t have expertise in OTA registration, Channel Optimisation and this is where their sales can reach.

Mr Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys said “Almost 75% of the hotel industry comprises small and independent hotels who aren’t technology-savvy and have for long avoided adopting automation tools like a cloud PMS. The technology first belief is still limited to the larger hotels, mostly 3 star and above category, who are greatly benefiting from it. All we wanted to do was provide small to medium sized hotels with the technology which until now was only available to the bigger players in the industry.”

Currently, 5500+ businesses across 140 countries worldwide run on eZee’s technology and vouch for the system’s capabilities and robustness. eZee Ultimate offers a win-win option for both hoteliers and the technology leader. Hotels have the option of getting the same solution with regular subscription fees, with no lock-in contracts and hotels can switch plans anytime.

Hoteliers can sign up for eZee Ultimate here. For all the other technology solutions offered by eZee Technosys, you can visit their website.


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