Sabre has got big plans for fast growing TripCase

By on September 18, 2015 | News

If you travel a lot, it isn’t easy to keep all your bookings and plans organised. Emails and notes barely do the job of managing your itinerary and bookings. TripCase is a great tool to not only organise your trip but also discover helpful information. Sabre built TripCase to deliver messages & itineraries and later allowed users to send information back to travel managers. The concept has caught up well since the time it was introduced and the platform has seen large number of messages being shared among the customers.


Sabre has recently announced that the customers, including airlines, hotels and travel management companies, will share more than a billion targeted messages to the travellers this year through the TripCase open messaging platform. TripCase offers the suppliers and agencies a medium to provide better service beyond booking and build brand loyalty among customers. They have control of various variables to ensure precise targeting.

“Our open approach to the TripCase platform delivers innovative messaging services for travel companies and helps them differentiate their products and services,” said John Samuel, senior vice president of Sabre Design. “The messaging platform is a powerful, customer-centric solution for travel suppliers who want to stay connected with travelers before and during their trip, and it extends the value of travel suppliers’ investments in the Sabre travel marketplace.”

TripCase already works with Uber to seamlessly integrate Uber cab services in the TripCase app and by allowing other developers to build apps on top of the platform, they plan to build a very effective all round travel solution. It will also generate valuable information for the suppliers and agents that can be leveraged to improve customer experience and target their services/products effectively.

For the travellers, the TripCase app is available for Android and iOS. Last year it was used to manage over 30 million trips and the number of trips has gone up by 50 percent year over year. They recently introduced an Apple Watch app and will soon be introducing apps for other wearable devices as well. If you haven’t tried TripCase yet, you can head to their website and try it for your device.


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