MICE meetings are made super fun with enTRIPreneur

By on September 24, 2016 | Startup Feature

MICE industry has suddenly taken the surge and so has more such efforts to bring together travel fraternity. Such events not only optimise business chances for the entrepreneurs but also bring with them a lot of opportunities to establish a market presence.


The Team

One such effort is brought to us by Anuj Agarwal, Jahnvi Sharma, Rachna Ghiya and Swapnil Soni. Their organisation brings entrepreneurs together to offer them trips to offbeat locations where they can connect, learn and share in an informal setting. enTRIPrenuer, as they’d like to call themselves, was founded in April 2016 with the only intention to provide an effortless and much casual setting for the budding stars to network well.

The founding team’s first love is to travel and connect with the entrepreneurs. The idea got fuel when they saw n-number of conferences and meetings happening for start-ups just leading to ambiguous interactions which were limited to only visiting cards. And that’s precisely how enTRIPreneur came into conception.

The USP of the idea is that they bring together entrepreneurs to curate for them a totally unwinding experience where the like-minded interact and exchange not just formal obligations but real ideas. It’s not a totally random travel company but a kind that would true learning anything. The applicants are categorically sifted on the basis of their experience, industry, the kind of value they can bring to the trip, startup and so on. The experiences comprise of adventurous activities, bonfire discussions, local community interaction along with other team building games that help them to know each other.

The team has bootstrapped itself so far and in an effort to keep the venture sustainable, they want to make sure the experiences the entrepreneurs have are affordable. Their revenue model is basically depended on sponsorships for now. The traction mainly comes from the applicants wherein the team shortlists entrepreneurs on the above-mentioned parameters. In the month of June, the team shortlisted 40 entrepreneurs out of 412 applicants.

The long term plans would be to organise work away camps of longer duration(7-10 days). The community is set to expand to 5000 in the next 5 years and around 20-25 startups emerging from this community. For marketing purposes, Facebook remains the main platform.

The guilt to waste time in the lieu to enjoy has always been a forbidding factor for entrepreneurs to unwind. Such guilt-free trips not only help them to unwind but connect with the entrepreneurial circles well.


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