How to make the most of a long stopover

By on October 16, 2021 | Guides

Stopovers. Some of us love them, others detest them.

Like it or not, in some cases they’re unavoidable. In some cases, it’s the difference between going and not going away – for the simple fact that they tend to involve respectable cost savings.

However, what if your layover is stretching beyond the three or four hours that tends to be the norm? Whether your layover is part-way between flights or even cruises, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can make the most of it.

Could this be the time to catch up on sleep?

Before some of you yawn at the so-called boring suggestion, give us time.

Let’s not forget that stopovers are typically in the middle of a long journey. As such, this can be the prime time to book that hotel and catch up on some sleep. After all, when you do arrive at your destination of choice, nothing quite beats feeling fresh and ready to go (versus the dread of somehow finding your hotel whilst half-asleep).

Give it some thought; it might not be the terrible idea that it’s sometimes described as!

Turn to an organised tour of the city

We’ve used the term ‘organised’ for good reason here; after all, the last thing you want to do is get lost as you race back for your next leg of transport.

Most cities around the world offer free walking tours which last a few hours at most. This can allow you to see sufficient amounts of the city in question and add another element of interest to your getaway.

Of course, if you are leaving the airport or cruise ship, make sure you already have insurance in order from a reputable provider like Staysure, you never know if anything will go wrong as soon as the holiday starts.

Utilise the hotel’s facilities

If you do decide to book a hotel for the night, then you’ll want to make the most of the facilities.

For starters, this can involve swimming pools, restaurants and, of course, the all-important bar. With that in mind, it can be the perfect opportunity to relax and forget about the journey for a while!

Could this be the time to shop?

We all know that airports and cruise terminals can be a hotbed for retail therapy. However, have you ever considered doing your shopping whilst on a layover?

Depending on where you are in the world, this can actually be a fantastic opportunity. For example, Hong Kong is renowned for its night markets which are filled with great bargains (just be sure to haggle!) – and this of course is not the only example in the world.

Check out the local food scene

Let’s not forget that one of the best ways to experience any destination is through its food.

As such, if you have the time, then it might be worth checking out some of the local restaurants. This can be a great way to try something new and, in some cases, it can be a lot cheaper than eating at the airport!


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