How Rocking Trips is changing the traditional way of assistance by providing pre-booking and on-trip assistance via WhatsApp

By on April 19, 2019 | Editorial

Tourism in India provides around 40 Million jobs in the current era and has impacted an increase in revenue to USD 240 Billion in 2018 which is 9.2% of total GDP. Over 10.5 million foreign tourists arrived in India in 2018, compared to 8.03 Million in 2015.

Rocking Trips (, a Delhi based Travel Company, started by three friends, Akshay Mishra, Ajay Kumar & Jatinder Kaur, integrates the feature of WhatsApp assistance (mobile website) filling the communication gap between the traveler and travel experts. Any traveler can get his/her customized package from travel experts directly on WhatsApp without going through the long process like, via mail or call, and also travelers can get 24 x 7 on trip assistance from Rocking Trips travel experts via Whatsapp itself. As a traveler always expects prompt reply from the travel coordinator during his/her trip so, WhatsApp is the only fastest way as compared to call or mail.

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This communication gap exists across major sectors: one, when foreign tourist wants to book holiday packages in India & during their stay in India they usually face problems in communicating with their travel experts; second, when Indian tourists are on foreign trip, they too face the same problem while communicating with their travel experts based in India.

To cater to this challenge, Rocking Trips bridges the communication gap between the travelers & the travel experts, by directly assisting on WhatsApp with its experienced team. The engineers & the team are highly dedicated and working on some more new ideas for becoming a helping hand for all kind of travelers.


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