Taiwanese Travel Startup airConcur facilitates compensation upto 600 Euros for flight delays and cancellation

By on January 14, 2020 | Startup Feature

The below story is from our series of startups spotted at the RTM Forum in Taipei. One such startup is airConcur, which helps airline passengers to request compensation for flight delay or cancellation. The startup which is targeting outbound flyers from Asia entitles them up to a maximum of 600 Euros for compensation. We spoke to the co-founders on the startup’s journey so far, here’s a brief from the conversation.

  • Briefly explain the problem airConcur is solving 
    airConcur Inc. founded in 2018, is the first flight compensation organization in Asia. We help Asian passengers whose EU flights are delayed or cancelled; the claim is up to 600 Euros. The core value of AirConcur is to help Asian air passengers acknowledge their rights and able to claim for compensation on transportation disruption under EU Regulation. airConcur has a professional legal team from Europe and successful claims are getting higher.
  • What made you think of the idea
Our team is from online travel industry, we constantly observe changes in the online travel market, we figured out “after the tour period” market has big potential.
Therefore, we found the law of tourism in europe, especially transportation, we have a chance to try, research and founded airConcur Inc. Every year there are nearly twenty millions of EU-bond passengers from Asia and this is where we start the whole service here, helping them deal with transportation disruptions, and entitle to ticket refund and compensation. We not only provide airline compensation service but also train, rail, bus and ferry in the near future. airConcur comes out with JaaS(Justice as a Service) a travel law solution platform which will provide passengers and TA&OTA an integrated solution, solve these problems for more passengers.
  • Which market/markets are you targeting
    Whole Asia, mainly our focus is on East Asia and India, our service has expanded significantly to China, Japa, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Korea and India is our next target this year. Our mission is to help passengers in Asia fight for their rights.
  • How many customers do you have
    In about a year, we have received over one thousand claims in Taiwan, it’s all individual customers, around 30% for flight delays, 40% for flight cancellation, and 30% for strikes. we expect it will be big growth after we cooperate with OTAs by Jaas system.
  • Are you bootstrapped or raised funds
    As of now, all the 3 co-founders have invested in the venture
  • What is your background 
    We are all from Internet companies, having experience in the travel industry with stints at KKday, which is Asia’s largest tours and activities platform.  Especially our CEO Dean, is a serial entrepreneur, also successfully sold out his company (Niceday) and sold it to Taiwan’s IPO company. In a nutshell, we know the travel industry very well.
    Moreover, our team has expertise on big data, we try to innovate on applying process and flight detection. Now we are developing the JaaS (Justice as a Service), a travel law solution platform which will provide passengers and TA&OTA an integrated solution, solve these problems for more passengers.
  • How is the Travel startup ecosystem in Taiwan like 
Along with increase in Outbound Tourists on an annual basis, more and more entrepreneurs and startups focus on the subject, most startups are trying to build platforms such as booking or other service of airlines, hotels and T&A. Now more startups provide holistic solutions or some tools for the travel industry. But there are some concerns, some international platforms such as Booking.com, Klook, Line travel, are grabbing the market share with their abundant resources. Taiwan companies have to connect with more partners in-order to ward off global competition and that is the biggest challenge.


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